Queer Theory, Pedophilia Jeopardy with Derrick Jensen

J’espère ne jamais avoir à apprendre que cet homme se soit conduit comme un trou-du-cul.

Borazan Sesli

This is a transcript of Derrick Jensen’s speech that was interrupted by male whims’ activists. The original (fabulous) video is now no longer available so I am glad I did this (As of 02/04/2021 I found a new one uploaded). The intent was to dub the video into French. The translation is available here.

Please note that Audience 1 and Audience 2 (or 3) refer to different people speaking from the audience. There is no number associated with any given speaker as it would have been difficult to identify the voices precisely. ‘Audience’ refers to the group reaction.

Derrick Jensen: There is a long correlation between anarchism and pedophilia and support for pedophilia.

Audience:Outbursts of anger.

Audience 1: Can you talk about something relevant?

Derrick Jensen: Oh wait wait wait that’s a beautiful line, thank you so much for asking ‘How about something relevant? I’ve been talking…

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